Consultancy Services

We provide a range of services that enable the attraction of FDI into Nigeria by rendering advice to investors and facilitating the start up of business ventures and project management. This includes due diligence, and the identification of suitable local partners and stakeholders required to succeed. We also provide strategic advice and customised solutions to organisations to resolve their unique challenges.

Strategy and Change Management: We facilitate Board and management strategy retreats, conduct organisation effectiveness reviews, drive and deploy performance improvement initiatives, manage business turnarounds, culture change and transformation to achieve accelerated results.

We have expertise in leading and managing change in complex and challenging business environments. We know that turning your vision and strategy into operational reality can be very challenging and disruptive. We therefore provide the required guidance and supervision to enable the seamless and successful execution and integration of change initiatives. We work with both private and public sectors in this regard to create sustainable value.

We offer practical advice and solutions by focussing on the delivery of concrete outcomes and measurable results.

At AKMS, we believe that businesses succeed through people; the quality of the leadership of the organisation and the talented and committed people who invest in and contribute to the organisations success on an ongoing basis. The people strategy of the organisation is key to its success. The design and execution of human resource management strategies is therefore critical.

AKMS Consulting provides end-to-end strategic human resource management solutions to improve the performance of your business. We provide guidance on (1) how to think systematically and strategically in managing your organisations human resources and (2) what really needs to be done to implement HR policies to achieve competitive advantage. These include; reward systems, performance management, high performance HR systems, training and development, recruitment, strategic workforce planning, talent and succession, organisation effectiveness, workforce diversity, team building retreats, employee engagement, HR capability building, partnering and transformation, executive coaching and mentoring.

AKMS Consulting and its partners are equipped with the relevant tools and expertise to mentor, coach and develop your senior management staff and members of your talent pool. This will ensure readiness for critical roles and leadership positions in your business (at board and executive level). The placement of qualified and ready successors into critical roles has a huge impact on the performance of the company.

We are able to deploy mentoring and coaching programmes that will build the capability of your managers to coach and mentor employees and thereby improve engagement and productivity. AKMS also provides one-on-one coaching and mentoring in line with your requirements.

How stakeholder relationships are managed can have a direct effect on the financial performance and fortunes of an organisation. In order to effectively manage your stakeholders, every business should have a good stakeholder management strategy that identifies and documents the approach the business will take to increase support or decrease the negative impact of stakeholders on the business.

AKMS is able to assist its clients to diagnose, analyse, design and implement customised stakeholder maps and blueprints to effectively manage and engage your stakeholders based on their power and influence. The AKMS team, have solid experience in managing stakeholders and regulators for sustained business performance. We are able to provide unique insights, specialist support and guidance to enable the engagement of key stakeholders in an ethical and professional manner to achieve set goals. We are also able to strategically intervene, mediate and render advice to amicably resolve disputes and avert threats to your business.

Our team of professionals are uniquely placed to assist our clients to manage the broad issues of corporate governance, ethics, enterprise risk management and corporate compliance with regard to the regulatory requirements and good corporate citizenship. We offer practical solutions and advice for (1) the effective and ethical management of a company by its board and management; (2) the company’s conformity with regulatory and ethics requirements for business operations, data retention, conflicts of interest and other business practices; (3) the institution of a compliance and ethics framework to ensure compliance and effectively manage business risks.

AKMS can help to institute ethics and compliance programmes for your business to ensure that your company’s practices conform to applicable laws, regulations and ethical business principles as well as developing a culture of integrity in line with best practices.

Many organisations have brilliant strategies but are unable or fail to execute them. But it is business and strategy execution that lead to greater success.  Execution excellence is the answer and this is one of the significant offerings of AKMS Consulting.

Execution excellence is achieved by ensuring business alignment (SMART goals) aligned with the company’s strategy; and people performance- having the right people with the right skills in the right jobs doing the right things. Beyond strategy formulation, our team of professionals can help you drive implementation, instil the discipline of execution and translate your strategy into action to achieve your goals. A business execution plan will enable you to deploy a great strategy and ensure that your employees are executing on it every day to achieve extraordinary results.

AKMS enables its clients to achieve their desired goals through effective business strategy formulation and disciplined execution to transform their business.